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Our mission is to provide a positive, loving, and friendly atmosphere for our teens to feel empowered to share and discuss topics of their choices, such as school issues, bullying, low self-esteem, image issues, and depression. We want to help uplift their spirits and bring healing and restoration back to them. Another very important aspect of this ministry is to create an outlet to serve as a ‘safe-haven’ for them to feel free to express themselves, as well as share with their peers on any issues or questions that may be difficult to share at home or school. Our goal is to bring encouragement, to strengthen self-esteem, and build confidence, which will cause them to recognize that their beauty, value, and validation can only be found through Christ. We plan to help each child by listening to them and guiding them through Biblical principles! With the guidance and support of our trained ministers, leaders, and pastors, we will help strengthen and empower them to become stronger in the teachings of Christ. Children only need the RIGHT outlet with additional listening ears, which will enable them to talk and to also know that God cares and loves them! Every second, as well as, every opportunity, is used to display love and to speak encouragement into a child’s life, which matters! That one moment can be life altering and can help our youth to become positive and influential figures to their generation! Your past and where you come from does not determine your future and where you are going!

-Girlz Time! It’s All About Me and Jesus! (Girl’s Teen Summit)

-Young Kings-Training for Reigning! (Boys Teen Summit)

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