From a place of love for Christ & people, our musicians are building a culture of worship by teaching true intimacy with Christ Jesus. Voices being lifted up to heaven for healing and freedom for God’s people.


Ignited by the Holy Spirit, culture & diversity is united in Christ through dance. We use a combination of ballet, jazz, contemporary & hip-hop to touch the hearts of the lost yet revive the body of Christ.


Christian rap is rap music that is inspired by the life of Jesus Christ and His teachings from the Gospel. Christian Hip Hop is a way of poetically preaching the truth of God’s word, solely to uplift and evangelize in today’s generation.


Through Elect Global Model Ministry, young men and women learn that their beauty is a gift from God, their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that the image that God gave them was created all for HIS Glory.


The JUMP Arts Department consists of professional, semi-professional, and amateur musicians, singers, artists, dancers, writers, and actors, among other creatives. We are Christ-centered, purpose driven, and committed to serving our church and community with our God-given talents. Our culture is centered on cultivating servant leaders, valuing our creative investments, and preparing for excellence in every ministry opportunity.

The Women of Praise

“The Women of Praise” is a prophetic dance ministry which ushers in the presence of God each time they minister. Setting the atmosphere for a worship experience is one of the main goals of this anointed team of ministers.  Through various choreographed dance routines, this ministry of worship is very instrumental in preparing the congregation for the word of GOD to come forth. This team is comprised of woman from various walks of life. All of them have a powerful testimony of how the LORD JESUS CHRIST delivered them out of countless obstacles, strongholds and issues of life. They each minister out of their own story of victory, deliverance, healing, and as overcomer.

Elect Global Model Ministry

One of the most unique ministries in J.M.G.C. was the birth of the first Modeling Ministry in a church. The mission of the “Elect Global Model Ministry” (EGM) is to strengthen the inner spirit man by rebuilding your relationship with your Heavenly Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ. Learn how to groom yourself as Kings and Queens, how to walk the runway stage, how to rebuild self-esteem and confidence, and to identify the meaning of true beauty. The vision demonstrates extraordinary gifts of the art of modeling on a global platform and runway, spreading the Gospel of Christ to the world. Their motto is: “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works”. Psalm 139:14

World Renowned

Kingdom Sounds

“Kingdom Sounds” is a dynamic step team designed to set people free through cutting strongholds in the atmosphere. Stepping is a form percussive dance in which the person’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Stepping is a way for us as Christians to stand and fight the enemy through God’s word in combat using our own bodies. Our vision is to use our bodies to fight for others deliverance and freedom in Christ Jesus, just as Christ did.
Stepping is a unique way to express yourself! while it can be bold and aggressive; it can also be calm and extremely expressive. Stepping is a way for you to speak without using words, however using your movements to boldly say what you feel.

Booking Requests

We'd love to share our gifts and talents at your church service or community event. Please email us with your booking requests. Include time, date, location, and the ministry you are requesting.